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About Atelier Crescendo

Marc Fuzellier-Hart

Acoustic Consultant

Marc Fuzellier-Hart Acoustic Consultant


Marc founded Atelier Crescendo in 2020 after gaining experience in reputable independent and multi-disciplinary consultancies, in a variety of fields such as architectural acoustics, environmental noise, building services noise and vibration. 

Over his career, Marc has worked on a broad range of projects ranging from small scale developments to large scale international projects. He is also a full member of the Institute of Acoustics, member of the Audio Engineering Society and member of the Société Française d’Acoustique.

Marc’s strong passion for the science of acoustics comes from playing keyboard and percussion instruments in music schools in France from the age of 5 until University. He is therefore very keen to share his knowledge as an acoustic consultant and put his energy towards the success of any project.






Atelier Crescendo provides a large range of acoustics, noise and vibration services.






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