LINEA acoustic timber slats


LINEA acoustic timber slat systems are made by Laudescher and manufactured in their factory in France, Carentan-Les-Marais (Normandy) exactly.

LINEA products, made with solid wood slats, are available as wall systems, ceiling systems or free-standing panels.



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Laudescher LINEA systems are acoustic timber slats installed on walls or ceilings to absorb sound in spaces.

The LINEA range comes in different shapes and styles as follows:

  • LINEA with flat timber slats (available as a wall and ceiling system)
  • LINEA 3D SCALE and EDGE with profiled slats (available as a wall and ceiling system)
  • LINEA 3D BAMBOO slats with round ends and BAMBOO WAVE with a wave effect (available as a wall and ceiling system).  
  • LINEA SHAPE and SWELL with slats of different depth to create a design look of wave and/or curve (available as a ceiling system). 
  • LINEA 3D PIX (available as a ceiling system).
  • LINEA SPACE Acoustic (available as a free-standing wall system)

See some pictures below. To see the whole LINEA range, check Laudescher’s brochure.

Configuration of LINEA acoustic timber slats 

Laudescher LINEA wall and ceiling systems that absorb sound (because some of them don’t) generally include the following:

  • Timber slats which thickness ranges from 55 to 343 mm.
  • a thin fleece layer.
  • some mineral or stone wool of 20 mm, 22 mm or 45 mm thickness.
  • a plenum with a width of 50 mm for wall systems and 250 to 400 mm for ceiling systems.

See the figures below for more details.

LINEA ceiling system


LINEA wall system


The thickness of the systems ranges as follows:

  • For wall systems: from 110mm to 167 mm.
  • For ceiling systems: from 310 mm to 613 mm.



Note: Items such as ventilation grills/ducts, lighting systems and other large items can be inserted in the ceiling systems.


One of the big advantages for designers is that the Laudescher LINEA products are very customisable. The slats can be curved, made of different thicknesses, create wave effects and so on (see the carousel above and Laudescher’s brochure for some examples). 


Sound absorption characteristics of LINEA acoustic timber slats

Laudescher LINEA systems achieve sound absorption performances from Class D to Class A.

The sound absorption depends on the following aspects:

  • the size of the plenum behind the slats
  • the openness of the systems. In other words, the spacing between the slats and how much of the sound absorber is visible.
  • the presence or absence of a sound absorber within the plenum.

See below some examples of sound absorption performances depending on the openness and the size of the plenum.

Sound absorption coefficients of Laudescher LINEA systems with opennesses of 73% (2.4.5 system), 51% (4.2.4 system) and 40% (9.2.6 system)
and with 20 mm rockwool in a 250 mm plenum

Sound absorption coefficients of Laudescher LINEA 2.4.5 systems with plenums of  50 mm and 250 mm
and 20 mm rockwool inside



Interestingly LINEA SWELL achieve (as shown below):

  • Class C absorption with just the fleece, and;
  • Class A with the fleece and the mineral wool behind.


Sound absorption coefficients of Laudescher LINEA SWELL systems with and without mineral wool
in a 400 mm plenum
(and fabric LAU 301 as a facing)


The sound absorption of all products has been measured in line with ISO 354:2003 Acoustics – Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room and the absorption class calculated according to ISO 11654:1997 Acoustics – Sound absorbers for use in buildings – Rating of sound absorption.


Materials and wood species

The timber species used for most slats are pine, oak, spruce and douglas fir.

The mineral wool used as a sound absorber is Rockwool Color (outsourced by Laudescher).


Colors and shapes

Laudescher LINEA products come in a large range of colors and varnish including the following:

  • ‘Natural species’: pine, oak, douglas fir and spruce.
  • Varnished: Clear varnish, white wash varnish, white wash soft varnish.
  • Wax color: white, honey, chocolate, cherry, mahogany, grey, wenge, oak, white oak.


Fire Resistance of LINEA acoustic timber slats 

Laudescher LINEA systems B-s1,d0 and B-s2,d0.

Untreated timber finish achieve a fire resistance of D-s2,d0.


Humidity Resistance of LINEA acoustic timber slats 

All Laudescher LINEA products can be used in low to high indoor humidity buildings.

More robust and protective finishes (such as varnish or Wax Color MC) will need to be applied when installed in indoor environments with very high humidity levels.



Note: Laudescher LINEA has been installed in swimming pools and outside in areas sheltered from water.


For more information about humidity resistance, get in touch with Laudescher or your local supplier (see below).


Who supplies of LINEA acoustic timber slats?

In the United Kingdom, Acoustic Products Ltd supplies Laudescher LINEA systems (and all other systems from Laudescher). See the contact details in the Additional Information tab.

If you supply Linea products in another country, please get in touch at and you will be added to this section.


Environmental characteristics and certifications

Laudescher LINEA systems are FSC or PEFCTM certified, guaranteeing that the wood, used for the timber slats, comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.

The systems are also Cradle to Cradle certified with a BRONZE level.

See also the Environmental Product Declarations for a Laudescher LINEA panel here(without the mineral wool) and Rockfon here.



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