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High Point Episode 007:


Jonathan Berman on 

recording, with BBC NOW

The Franz Schmidt Project


From The Nia Centre in Hulme, Jonathan Berman talks us through The Franz Schmidt project in which he is recording all four of Schmidt’s symphonies with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (NOW), leading to the composer’s 150th Birthday in 2024.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His motivation behind The Franz Schmidt Project
  • Schmidt’s work and his natural gifts
  • The challenges of interpreting Schmidt’s scores
  • The advantage of musical literacy
  • Working with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales
  • How Jonathan sets up his orchestra
  • Microphone choices and techniques for recording
  • Manipulating the acoustics of venues
  • Controlling the dynamics of the orchestra
  • Why the performance is broken down into sections when recording
  • The different mindsets required for live performance vs recording
  • How important the live experience is to Classical Music
  • Jonathan’s favourite venues

Listen to Jonathan’s recording of Schmidt’s Symphony No. 1 in E Major on Spotify

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