High Point Episode 015:


Wayne Hemingway, 

Placemaking and

Fashion Design


Wayne Hemingway, renowned designer and co-founder of fashion label Red or Dead, embarked on a fascinating journey from the world of fashion to becoming a pioneering figure in the realm of placemaking.

Wayne’s initial success with Red or Dead catapulted him into the limelight of the fashion industry. However, his passion for design extended beyond clothing; it encompassed a deep-rooted interest in shaping spaces and communities.

The shift from fashion to placemaking was propelled by a desire to create meaningful and impactful change in urban landscapes. He recognised the power of design in shaping human experiences and sought to channel his creative energy into projects that would transform communities. Collaborating closely with locals, he created sustainable environments that celebrated the area’s identity.

In this episode, we delve into Wayne’s career, exploring how his design prowess transcended fashion. From reimagining the uniforms for Transport for London to revolutionising urban spaces in Gateshead, join us as we unravel the fusion of creativity and community in Hemingway’s transformative projects. 

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