High Point Episode 014:


Treble Technologies,

architectural acoustic simulation

with Finnur Pind


100x Faster Simulation than the State of the Art…

Step into the world of Treble Technologies, where sound meets innovation. Join us as we chat with founder, Dr. Finnur Pind, as they explore their journey from idea, to revolutionising sound simulation.

  • Discover how Dr. Finnur Pind and Jesper Pedersen turned their passion for sound into Treble Technologies, crafting cutting-edge tools for architects and designers.


  • Explore Treble’s Acoustic Simulation Software that turns complex acoustic modelling into a simple, click-of-a-button experience. See how it’s transforming decision-making in design.


  • Unleashing Possibilities with Treble SDK: Dive into the limitless potential of the Treble SDK, a gateway to endless sound simulation applications, limited only by imagination.


  • Decoding Wave-Based Modeling: Get a sneak peek into the science behind wave-based modelling, the tech driving Treble’s real-time auditory experiences.


  • Explore Treble Technologies’ rise to recognition and the accolades earned for their groundbreaking sound simulation tech.


  • Learn about the challenges faced by Treble in the startup world and how they navigated through the highs and lows.


  • Discover how architects are using Treble’s tech to create better acoustic environments and the perks it brings to their designs.


This episode unveils the secrets behind reshaping the way we hear the world.

Learn more about Treble Technologies and their products on their website.

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