Acoustic Design Catalogue

Welcome to the Acoustic Design Catalogue!

Atelier Crescendo has created this platform to help you:

  • better understand the products acoustic designers, engineers and consultants can recommend for their designs;
  • get an idea of the acoustic performances different product types can achieve;
  • make the most of the products by knowing the optimal configuration or installation methods ;
  • find the right product(s) and the right supplier(s)/manufacturer(s)

The catalogue starts at the bottom of this page.


Interested in listing some products?

Just get in touch by:

  • sending an email at , or;
  • following this link to book a call.


A new business model and a strategy to stay impartial from 2022

2022 has marked the change of the business model for the Acoustic Design Catalogue and a strategy has been setup to stay impartial. All this is explained below.

At the start of the catalogue, all the content was created at no cost. But the process of writing up pages, searching for information & data, creating interesting sketches, displaying data and using advanced tools requires time and money. So following a strong interest from architects, acoustic consultants and other designers /specifiers, as well as manufacturers themselves, Atelier Crescendo have decided to change the business model of the catalogue by monetising part of it to keep the quality of the content.


What doesn’t change?

Atelier Crescendo will carry on (at no cost):

– Explaining how types/categories work generally.
– Creating simple product pages for free. This includes product name, supplier/manufacturer’s name and the web address of the manufacturer/supplier. Sometimes the material used and some basic performances will be presented.

Atelier Crescendo automatically creates these pages as products are discovered. However, if your product is not listed and you would like to list it, please get in touch.


What does change?

Creating a product page with detailed information and performances will require a subscription fee from now on.

A detailed product page can include the following:

  • what the products are made of.
  • how they can be installed.
  • the range of available visual and technical design.
  • some examples or ranges of acoustic performances.
  • Some other performances such as moisture resistance, fire resistance, etc
  • the sustainability aspects of the materials and, when available, the production of the materials. EPDs can be attached if available.


How does Atelier Crescendo stay impartial?

This is pretty important and AC has been asked this question very often.

Firstly, to stay impartial, it is important to be transparent as much a possible about how the catalogue works and explain the rules put in place.

Here they are:

  • any acoustic data displayed on the catalogue needs to be backed up with test reports from independent and reputable testing facilities.
  • the subscription fees correspond to the time spent writing up the pages and the tools used to run the pages.
  • the subscription fee is fixed for each detailed product page. If it changes for one, it changes for all.
  • a manufacturer who subscribes for one (or multiple) page(s) can’t influence any other parts of the catalogue they haven’t subscribed for or any other work from Atelier Crescendo.
  • When announcing the creation of a detailed page for a product on AC’s social media accounts, AC can talk about other competitive products.

Hopefully, this explains the strategy on impartiality (that has been validated by AC’s legal advisors).