Acoustic Design Catalogue

Welcome to the Acoustic Design Catalogue!

Atelier Crescendo has created this platform to help you:

  • better understand the products acoustic designers, engineers and consultants can recommend for their designs;
  • get an idea of the acoustic performances different product types can achieve;
  • make the most of the products by knowing the optimal configuration or installation methods ;
  • find the right product(s) and the right supplier(s)/manufacturer(s)

At the moment, the catalogue only includes a section on sound absorption materials. But more sections will be created in the future such as sound insulation and vibration isolation materials.  


Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Atelier Crescendo is doing its best to request EPDs for the products added to the catalogue. You can download them from each product page.


Does Atelier Crescendo stay impartial with this catalogue?

Yes, any product can be displayed on the catalogue as long as Atelier Crescendo receives proof of performance reported by an independent and reputable acoustic testing facility

No fees are required to initially list a product. 

Atelier Crescendo is always interested to hear about new/interesting products. So if you have some acoustic products that could be useful to designers, please send an email to .