High Point Episode 022:


Ben Morales Frost


computer science


film music


Marc sits down with Ben Morales Frost, film composer, theatre composer, orchestrator and arranger with credits on blockbuster projects Wonka, Argylle, Mission:Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, and Kuther.

The conversation delves into the mental health benefits of hobbies necessitating concentration, such as playing instruments, alongside the cognitive advantages of engaging in music from a young age, and how he now balances his passion with the busyness of modern life and the necessity of creativity in professional growth, advocating for consistent practice over natural talent in a career in music.

Ben shares his trajectory from computer science to film and theatre composition, underscoring the importance of curiosity in musical development.

Abbey Road Studios’ legendary status and the intricacies of orchestrating music for films are explored, as well as uncovering a never before heard Beatles song, and how the emerging role of AI in music production allowed them to bring it to life.

Reflecting on London’s classical music scene, they contemplate its cultural footprint and the need for accessibility and rebranding to engage modern audiences, and what the UK as a whole can do to ensure that the quality buildings and venues reflects that of it’s orchestras and historical musical importance.

 They also discuss:

  • The role of curiosity and exploration in learning music
  • Ben’s Formal Musical Education
  • The Importance of Grit
  • How accessible is it to write music?
  • Creativity and deviating from Rules
  • From theatre stage management to music composition
  • Having the courage to switch career paths multiple times
  • Productivity within a creative industry
  • Talent vs. Determination
  • Song writing and different interpretations
  • The state of concert halls in London

Learn more about Ben on his website.

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