High Point Episode 009:


We need £2 Million to renovate

Burnley Empire  


We meet with Sophie, Michelle and Steve from the Burnley Empire Trust to discuss the massive renovation project of one of Britain’s most unique theatres.

Once complete, The Empire will be a new centre of activity for local cultural and creative communities as well as a space for learning, socialising and collaboration for everyone.

This is not just about restoring beautiful architecture; this is about building a new space that through its work will support local businesses and people and bring prosperity to Burnley, both in economic and social terms.

 You’ll hear:

  • The History of Burnley Empire Theatre
  • Creation of Burnley Empire Trust
  • Hoewthey were able to buy the building
  • Acquiring ‘charitable’ status
  • The renovation
  • Engaging the local community in the project
  • Collaborating with other organisations such as the Theatre’s Trust
  • How they’ve applied for funding
  • Working with Manchester School of Architecture
  • Their future goals
  • Memories of the project so far
  • Advice for others looking to do something similar

Learn more on the Burnley Empire Trust website, or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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