fade® acoustic plasters are high quality and microporous plasters manufactured in Denmark.

Their systems are versatile and can be applied on ceilings or walls. They are also non-combustible, mold & humidity resistant and can be curved.

The backing layers are made of mineral wool produced using recycled or re-used products. The plasters (Albus and Plus+) are made with water-based cellulose and expanded perlite.




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(To understand how about plaster systems work in general, visit the Acoustic Blog here)


fade® produces two types of acoustic plaster systems:

  • ALBUS which a smooth finish;
  • ALBUS PLUS + which offers an ultra-smooth finish.

Both systems can be applied on ceilings or walls as follows:

  • directly onto a mineral wool layer fixed to a plasterboard, concrete or timber substrate;
  • directly on a metal frame drywall system (typically 400mm), or;
  • as a spray onto a plasterboard or concrete substrate.

fade® systems are generally made with a thick backing layer of mineral wool (main sound absorber) with one or two fade® plaster finish layers applied to it. In this configuration, the thicknesses available range from 20 mm to 40 mm.

As mentioned above, fade plasters can also be used as sprays with a thickness of 3 mm.



Sound absorption

The sound absorption performances of face® acoustic plaster systems can achieve Class B or Class A absorption.

acoustic plaster - suspended ceiling - plaster finish layer - hard surface - acoustic absorption - sound absorption
Application of fade® plaster systems



Reaction to fire 

fade® acoustic have a fire classification of A2-s1, d0 (DIN EN 13501-1).


Mold and humidity resistant

All fade® products mold and humidity resistant.


Colors and shapes

Colors are open to design the products can be curved to follow a certain ceiling or wall shape.



The backing layer is made of mineral wool (produced using minimum 40% recycled material and re-used waster products from manufacture).

fade® plaster solutions are made of 76% water based cellulose and 13% expanded perlite. For more information, see below the link for the Environmental Product Declaration.


Environmental Product Declaration

Download the latest Environmental Product Declaration for fade® products here: EPD fade® acoustic ceilings.


Who supplies fade® acoustic plaster systems?

In the United Kingdom, CMS Danskin Acoustics supplies fade® acoustic plasters. See the contact details in the Additional Information tab.

(If you supply fade® products in another country, please get in touch at marc@ateliercrescendo.ac and you will be added to this section)

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Reaction to fire


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